Hey all! The name's Krystal, but you can call me Aria. I'm a 26 year old digital artist, whovian, geek and gamer from NE OH with a very wide array of interests. Wildstar is currently my biggest obsession.

This is a pro-body, pro-LGBT, anti-hate and Multi Fandom blog.

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I just want to say, thank you so much for bringing such a beautiful thing into this world. Thank you for making Caretaker.



"That statement pleases me. AND YOU DON’T WANT TO SEE ME DISPLEASED!"

It is true, caretaker is pretty much the best thing ever xD Although I’m obviously most partial to the lovely Drusera <3

Well, I watched two horror genre series, so let’s mix it up with something al little different and finally get on with watching Panty and stocking since I’ve never seen it while most of my friends have, lol. On the 2nd ep so far, it is pretty amusing xD

Hell Girl complete. I was sufficiently happy with it over all. It was a great little series, I definitely would recommend :) Lots of feels and many episodes you just couldn’t wait to see the person being cursed to get theirs. and Ai is just so pretty <3 Definitely need to get my hands on the sequel <3 sadly the site I’ve been watching anime on doesn’t have it though so I’ll have to do some digging. 

Now to decide what to watch next on my list *rubs chin* 

spooky-pens posted this post a short while back of fashion venn diagrams for her MH characters, so of course being the copycat I am, I had to do it too ;D It was actually pretty fun, even if I got frustrated at some parts because I couldn’t think of good names for the fashions, but Candy and some others helped me out so it’s all good now. Anyway, uh, there you go, enjoy!

You know a server’s economy has gone to shit when you find yourself vendoring more stuff then AHing it because you’d make more money that way, heh.

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onceuponacheesecake replied to your photo “Trying to figure out the color scheme I want to use :”

that face is so pretty <3 as always envious of your face skills, haha

Thank you uwu

Drawing only headshots has to payoff at some point LOL, gotta try and get the rest down now!

haha, I guess I better get to drawing more headshots then, I have been doing a lot more of them lately, maybe keeping up with them will help me too! :D