Hey all! The name's Krystal, but you can call me Aria. I'm a 26 year old digital artist, whovian, geek and gamer from Streetsboro, OH with a very wide array of interests. I tend to follow back if I like what I see!

This is a pro-body, pro-LGBT, anti-hate and Multi Fandom blog.

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I see you do MH commissions, and when I have the money I'm considering asking you to do a sketch for me, but are you open to EAH ocs? I mean, I'm still designing her, but I'd like to know so that when she's done I can ask for art.

I’m happy to draw OCs of any fandom, as long as the person knows and is ok that they are getting art in my style and not the style of said fandom as I’m not particularly good at drawing MH/EAH/otherstyles xD 

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All 9 sketches complete, woo! For those who don’t know what this is, it’s just some sketches of new bio art for my MH babies. Enjoy :) 

*reblogs them here now that they’re all sketched.* For those who were curious what’s going on with me and MH, now you know :) New bio art for all! hehe